Rufous-tailed Plantcutter / Phytotoma rara

Rufous-tailed Plantcutter / Phytotoma rara

Rufous-tailed Plantcutter

SCI Name:  Phytotoma rara
Protonym:  Phytotoma rara SaggioStoriaNat.Chile p.254
Category:  Passeriformes / Cotingidae /
Taxonomy Code:  rutpla1
Type Locality:  Chile.
Publish Year:  1782
IUCN Status:  


(Cotingidae; Ϯ Chilean Plantcutter P. rara) Gr. φυτον phuton  plant  < φυω phuō  to grow; τομος tomos  cutting  < τεμνω temnō  to cut; "8. La Rara, Phytotoma Rara gen. nov. (2*)   ...   (2*) Phytotoma.  Rostrum conicum, rectum, serratum.  Nares ovatæ.  Lingua brevis, obtusa" (Molina 1782); "Phytotoma Molina, 1782, Saggio Stot. Nat. Chili, pp. 254, 345. Type, by monotypy, Phytotoma rara Molina." (Traylor in Peters 1979, VIII, 309). The distinctive plantcutters were formerly treated in a monogeneric family, the Phytotomidae, but are now considered allied to Zaratornis, Doliornis and Ampelion.
Var. Phytotome, Phitotoma.
Synon. Ptytotoma.

● L. rarus  rare, infrequent (Bostrychia, syn. Dendroica cerulea, Lagonosticta, subsp. Phalaenopsis griseiceps).
● Chilean onomatopoeic name Rara for the Rufous-tailed Plantcutter (Phytotoma).